ATI Bubble Master 160ltr. (200-500ltr)




ATI Bubble Master 160 Eiwitafschuimer is geschikt voor aquaria van 200 tot 500 liter.

Specificaties ATI Bubble Master 160 Eiwitafschuimer

  • ATI Bubble Master 160 Eiwitafschuimer
  • Geschikt voor aquaria van 200 – 500 liter
  • PSK pomp 21 watt met naaldrad
  • Waterdoorstroom 1200 l/u
  • Luchtopname 800 l/u
  • Hoogte 510mm
  • Inbouwhoogte 520mm
  • Grondplaat 180 x 200mm

Engelse omschrijving van ATI

With only 13 Watts of power input with approximately 4000 l/h it represents a particularly efficient solution, which is characterised in particular also by the high quiet running of our new pump generation to air performance and 600 litres of water performance. Thus the water flows rotary in an interior pipe, which leads an easy disconnection of the water/air mixture within the expansion range to a particularly low flow resistance and later permitted. One thought discharge out and a nonporous discharge is the result of this construction.

Dimensions: 7.5″ x 8.5″ x 20.1″ (L x W x H)

1 year warranty on parts and pump.


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